Lync Mobility failing after CU5

An odd error creeped up in our Lync installation after installing the CU5 update available here:
After installing the update mobile Lync Mobile stopped working, the diagnostic logging from a Windows Phone device showed an 500 error from the mcxservice..

Error : 374409110 : HttpRequestPump : Got a failure response to request MEX Status: UnknownError. Code: 500.

A quick Google search didnt turn up any useful information, most errors related to the mobility service are regarding TMG config and certificates. Tested the mobilityservice from PS with “Test-CsMcxP2PIM” which completed succesfully. Started the logging tool and activated logging of the mcx service. Here I got the first clue, an error message complaining about the web.config file.
When I tried browsing to the external mcxservice from an external computer on i got an 500 error, tried to browse to from an internal computer and got the same error. Conclusion, the error was not caused by a TMG or FW issue since it also occured when browsing directly to the service from an internal computer.
I then tried to browse to the internal mcxservice on which returned the page correctly, but I noticed the header stated “McxService2 Service”. Compared this with an installation which didnt have the CU5 update applied to it and the service returned “McxService Service” without the 2…
I then searched through the web.config files and found that the web.config file for the external service had this line:

<service name=”Microsoft.Rtc.Mcx.McxService” behaviorConfiguration=”McxServiceBehaviorConfiguration” />

Compared to the web.config for the internal service which had this:

<service name=”Microsoft.Rtc.Mcx.McxService2″ behaviorConfiguration=”McxServiceBehaviorConfiguration” />

Changed the line in the external web.config file to say  “Microsoft.Rtc.Mcx.McxService2” with the 2 and rebooted my phone, instant success.

Why the web.config file for the external site hadnt been updated I dont know, must have been locked in one way or another. Have not found anyone else that have had this issue so it’s probably not a common error.
Anyway, hope this can help if someone else encounters this problem.


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I've been working in the IT consulting business since 1993. I've worked with every major WindowsOS release (client and server) since Windows 3.1 Is particularly interested in Unified Communications with primary knowledge of Microsoft products like Exchange Server and Lync Server. I first started working with MS Exchange at version 5.5 and have been working with every version since. MCTS certified on Exchange 2007 and 2010. View all posts by Leif Arne Brekke

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